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This is Hallowed Ground

Between these flags that proudly fly l
Let no man dare to stand,
For here our fallen comrades lie;
We call it Hallowed Ground.
A symbol, yes, but mark it well;
Here let use ever humbly pause
In memory of the lad who fell
In fighting for our sacred cause.

On Sea or Land these buddies died.
Some lie beneath a foreign sod
In graves caressed by winds and tide,
In spots unknown to all but God
And so, this place is Hallowed Ground.
And it shall be forever blessed
As tho it were a grassy mound
Beneath which gallant heroes rest.

Be ever watchful, Legionnaire,
Of those two flags which signify
That we should guard this spot with care
Where our departed comrades lie.
And, if a man should dare to tread
This spot where lie our gallant brave.
He desecrates those noble dead
As tho he walked upon their grave
"Breaking the Colors" is not a violation of the United States Flag Code. American
Legion protocol and tradition have developed a meaningful custom in which one
does not walk between or pass anything between the American Flag and the
Legion or Auxiliary Banner.  This custom of preserving "Hallowed Ground" shows
honor and respect to our fallen Veterans.

Ladies approaching the podium and the American Flag do not have to pause,
unless they are being escorted by or are escorting a Legionnaire.  At that time,
they should stop and stand straight (at attention) while the Legionnaire salutes
the Flag.  The Auxiliary member does not salute the Flag when approaching the
Why you dont walk between the Colors
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